Painting Safety Harness

Willhammer’s Painting Safety Harness has a built in rappelling work seat with an exterior shell made out of PVC perfect for painting exterior structures. This harness has a rear and front fall mount for fall prevention, fall arrest and ladder safety applications made according to OSHA specifications. Willhammer Industries make a large variety of unique Safety Harnesses for many different applications that offer more comfort than traditional body harnesses and our company founder Maximus Willhammer was recently featured on The History Channel’s Invention USA for developing a Safer Safety Harness.

This harness requires the use of a Spreader Bar (not included) to be used as a rappelling work seat with cto create a very comfortable work harness.

Willhamer’s Painters utility belt and accessories will attach to this harness to make the perfect to transport all of your favorite equipment.

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Painting Safety Harness

)Safety Harness has a built in work seat that requires the use a spreader bar.

  • 3 – Nylon webbing covered with plastic work rails to hold Carabiners and other equipment.
  • 1/2 condensed foam leg pads for superior comfort.
  • 2- Forged Steel 2,500 lb rated delta seat mounts for spreader bar.
  • Harness made of 6,000 or 7,000-lb. nylon webbing depending on color.
  • Harness made of Nylon reinforced Waterproof Poly material.
  • Adjustable steel quick-release buckle rated at 17.84kN.
  • Spreader bar attaches to the 4-points on the harness to for extra support to sit upright in the harness
  • Versatile, lightweight, more comfortable than other harnesses on the market.
  • Made in USA manufactured to meet specifications according to meet OSHA 1926.502, ANSI Z359.1-1992, ANSI A10.14-1991, CSA Z259.1-1976, CSA Z259.10-M90 standards..
  • Very light weight 2.5 lbs
  • Harness capacity: 420-lbs

Willhammer’s Painting Safety Harness $219.95

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